Regulatory security



Not integrating the regulatory obligations from the very first phases of a project’s design is to expose oneself to significant risks of opposition and blockage. It also means taking the risk of not choosing the best project option.

The integration of regulatory obligations upstream is a guarantee of efficiency and serenity to conduct virtuous projects.

Method / Application

The method proposed by Citizing is proven and very simple to implement. It allows to secure each subsequent step, to facilitate the operators’ steps and to anticipate the risks.

From the very first phases of the project, Citizing’s legal consultants carry out a complete regulatory diagnosis, sharing with the people in charge concrete recommendations that enable them to integrate the standards into the design of the project or activity.

The regulatory framework thus proposed is exhaustive, from the upstream consultation, environmental assessment, public inquiry and land management phases, to obtaining all the required authorizations before work is carried out. Each risk zone is identified and is the subject of precise notifications accompanied by operational recommendations.

Benefits for our clients

This upstream framing method provides the actors we support with

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