Evaluation and impact assessment

Socio-economic and environmental assessment
Socio-economic and environmental assessment


Socio-economic assessment is a method that helps guide investment decisions towards projects that are virtuous for society and the planet.

Generally used upstream of investments, it ensures that public or private funds are allocated where they will maximize the common good, i.e. where the economic, social and environmental impacts will be the greatest.

More than an issue, evaluation is therefore a necessity in a world of finite resources.

A recognized method

Socio-economic and environmental assessment is :

General principles

Negative environmental externalities
Increase in healthy life expectancy
Tons of CO2 avoided
Operating costs
Acceleration of insertion

For 1€ of money invested, an amount in € of collective value creation.

Benefits for project leaders

Socio-economic analyses allow to :

The socio-economic assessment method is applicable to all sectors. Citizing has worked on issues such as meteorology, smart cities, energy, access to water, mobility, justice, education and higher education, urban planning, social inclusion, public policies for the elderly, vulnerable groups, etc.

Distribution of socio-economic and environmental assessments carried out by Citizing:

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