Regulatory security



All projects are opportunities for learning and continuous improvement. However, it is not always easy for technical experts to master all the legal aspects. This is all the more true in a field as evolving and changing as that of environmental regulations.

This is why we train operational staff in order to help them better understand and grasp environmental and urban planning law. As a result, the teams are better equipped to deal with these issues, both for the current project and for future projects.

Method / Application

We organize training sessions and workshops on a specific topic (general environmental law or focus on environmental assessment or public inquiry, for example) that allow us to transmit practical knowledge to our operational staff and to motivate them by providing them with useful material for their daily work.

We complement these live sessions with the development of operational regulatory tools specifically designed for each client. These may be technical guides, procedural guides, practical sheets or standard files…

We also provide our clients with an expert and operational regulatory watch covering the issues that concern them directly (environmental law, including specific IOTA and ICPE rights, urban planning law, energy law, land management, heritage protection, public domaniality…)


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